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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 7: Twilight - 'Brad Meltzer',  'Joss Whedon' This was probably the shitties fucking outcome the Twilight storyline could have possibly had, and I'm not exaggerating here, this shit was AWFUL. The stupidest thing I've read or seen in Buffy-associated media, bar none. They've jumped the shark so far they're in fucking space now. There's no coming back from something this fucking dumb. If I'm not being clear enough: this was not clever, it wasn't enjoyably silly, it wasn't so-bad-it's-good, or whatever the writers were going for, this was jump plain and simply STUPID.

Angel is Twilight because IDK something about uniting Buffy's enemies behind an ally to minimize the damage, so it's totes ok that Angel beat the shit out of her and killed dozens of innocent Slayers, GREATER GOOD and whatnot. But really, it was all because of some prophecy that apparently Giles has known about the ENTIRE TIME, but in fucking SEVEN SEASONS of television had never mentioned, even though he knew Buffy would be the ones, because REASONS. So Angel and Buffy have superpowers, because prophecy, and are magically compelled to literally FUCK A UNIVERSE INTO EXISTENCE, I SHIT YOU NOT, because prophecy, and then IDK are supposed to retire there or something, because they're SO MUCH BETTER than everyone else and they TOTES DESERVE IT, but staying would basically fuck over the universe that everyone else is left in, which Angel is TOTALLY OKAY WITH, but Buffy's not, so they leave their perfect universe, which then GETS PISSED NO REALLY LITERALLY THE UNIVERSE GETS ANGRY and possesses Angel and kills Giles, but that's not til the next volume. For now they just chase after some bullshit seed that was in SUNNYDALE ALL ALONG LOL IRONY and guarded by the master because IDK THEMATIC OR SOMETHING even though he's probably the EASIEST VILLAIN. WHAT IS THIS SHIT I DON'T EVEN.

In conclusion don't waste your goddamn time this season is shit, just close your eyes and be thankful the series ended the way it did in season 7.

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