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Hunger - Jackie Kessler So, confession time: I requested and read this book in spite of it's core issue. I'm all about the Apocalypse and a new take on the Four Horsemen, but when I read that Hunger was really about anorexia, my hopes were dashed. Oh no, I thought, a Very Special Episode of YA paranormal lit, about the horrors and dangers of anorexia! Necessary, sure, and I could admire the author's creativity, using the youth of America's current obsession with paranormal fiction to lecture them on the dangers of starving themselves, but it was definitely not my bag. I was on the fence about even reading it for a while, but in the end, curiosity about the Horsemen made me to crack it open. Still, I expected to roll my eyes and laugh. A lot. But you know what? I didn't. Not once...

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