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Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Once again Briggs has gone the route of the dual plot lines, only this time there are dual subplots as well. Not only do we have to keep track of the mystery involving the fae book, but there is also intrigue within the pack, the issue of Sam's attempted suicide, and the question of who hired the human bounty hunter set after Adam. Its disconcerting, as it was with Bone Crossed, to have one story advertised on the cover, but another (in this case, Mercy's trouble with the pack) take up a good chunk of the book. They ended up working all right together; Sam's issues sort of faded into the background until the end, where they were resolved with the fae plot, and the pack drama provided a running theme of acceptance that also ended up factoring into the conclusion. The only real problem we had with the story's structure was with the mid-book resolution of the pack conspiracy against Adam and Mercy. It just felt odd to stop everything and have a confrontation that really didn't have anything to do with the over all plot of the book...

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