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Night's Cold Kiss (Dark Brethren, #1)

Night's Cold Kiss (Dark Brethren, #1) - Tracey O'Hara About 50 pages into this one, I realized that there had been some ridiculously amazing leap in quality between the first and second entries into this series, because this wasn't the same interesting, crime-drama-type story I'd been drawn into in Death's Sweet Embrace. This was Cliched Fantasy Kitchen Sink World B, with Cliched Vampire Hunter Love Story A, filled with stock characters and strung together with a plot whose primary agenda seemed to be furthering the leads' love-to-hate-you romance.

Like the summary says, Night's Cold Kiss is about Antoinette Petrescu, an elite vampire hunter Venator. She's a great big obvious Mary Sue/genre cliche, being a prodigally good vampire hunter from a long line of vampire hunters who entered into the trade because - all together now - vampires murdered her parents! That's right, very good, guys!

Anyway, let's go down the line, shall we? Antoinette:
* graduated vampire hunter university at 16 to become the youngest licensed Venator ever
* holds every record (no lie) at said college, including the best time for completing the notoriously difficult final exam
* finished up her vampire hunter internship in less than half the time it takes those shitty normal people
* uses a katana in her one and only action scene to dispatch a vampire, even though guns do it better
* is a hothead and prone to fights and emotionless one-night stands because that's how badass women roll
* is also friendless because her aloof awesomeness has turned people off to her all her life

and finally:
* is the hottest thing to ever walk the face of the earth

I don't think I'm exaggerating the canon opinion much here, because honest to God, the author goes on and on about Antoinette's astounding beauty, even more than she does about the vampire love interest...

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