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Demon's Fall

Demon's Fall - Karalynn Lee How do you critique something for being exactly what it says on the tin? That's the question I'm left with after reading Demon's Fall, because it's exactly what it looks like: a pretty plot-thin softcore porn. I'd probably have declined to review it if I hadn't already blindly accepted the request from NetGalley, so here we are.

What the summary doesn't tell you about Demon's Fall is that it is short. Very short. Like 75 pages short. So there's not a lot of room for development, or a very complex plot, or, more importantly, any relationship development at all. To say the angel in this story gives it up easily is an understatement. They're together for all of a half-hour before she's rubbing up against him like a love-struck cat, despite the fact that he, you know, bought her. And our male lead here, Kenan, doesn't do much but kiss her before he decides he's head over heels in love. It's never really explained why, either. I mean, he says multiple times he's been with thousands of women (again and again, they sing the same tune...) and doesn't find her particularly attractive. And then they kiss and he's gone on her.

Um, okay...

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