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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 2: On Your Own -  'Scott Allie', 'Andrew Chambliss' What the fuck? No. Nononono, if you could do a storyline with subject matter this SERIOUS in a worse way, I don't know if I could think of it.

1) A FUCKING ROBOT?!? REALLY? You're going to bring up the issue of an unwanted pregnancy and abortion and some really deep character stuff, and then throw it out the fucking window with some "I'm-a-robot" cop-out? FUCK YOU.

2) In the situation we were initially presented with, BUFFY WAS RAPED. No seriously, and fuck you, comics letter column, for saying she wasn't. She was blackout drunk. She didn't remember who or even if she'd had sex. She. Could. Not. Consent. It was fucking rape, don't you pull that "Well she knew what she was doing when she put herself in that situation" crap. FUCK YOU.

3) ANDREW MIND SWITCHING HER TO ANOTHER BODY W/O HER CONSENT IS NOT CUTE. It's so far over the line I cannot fucking believe that a) Buffy didn't KNOCK HIM IN TO NEXT WEEK, and b) it was played for LAUGHS. HE ROOFIED HER AND THEN REMOVED HER MIND AND PUT IT IN A ROBOT BODY. WITHOUT TELLING HER OR ASKING FOR HER CONSENT. He then gave her body and ENTIRELY NEW LIFE, away from Buffy, where she did not see or know what was going on with it. There isn't even a fucking WORD for that kind of violation. FUCK THIS BOOK for playing it for laughs, like it was endearing or just LOL AWKWARD or some shit. THIS IS BAD, WRITER, AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. FUCK YOU.

This just fucking needs to stop, they need to let this franchise die.

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