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Resolve - Melissa Marr, Xian Nu Studio Thank God for Melissa Marr, seriously. In an ocean full of been there-done that - or, as our friend Gwen would say, "Same Shit, Different Author" - Marr's stories have formed an oasis of sorts for us. They're beautiful, tragic, unique, and captivating - Wicked Lovely is one of the best contemporary series out there, not to mention one of our favorites. Which is why we were so very EXCITE to find out that Marr had done a Wicked Lovely manga.

Well, that and because manga is AWESOME.

The best part is that, where a lot of other YA authors have had their stores adapted into graphic novel format, Marr has gone the extra mile here and penned a whole new tale set in the Wicked Lovely universe for her manga. So not only do we get to see some of our favorite characters in action, but we don't have to read the same story over again to do so. We get some new mythology, new characters, and new developments, in addition to a gorgeous rendition of the world we've come to enjoy so much.

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