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My Boyfriend Is a Monster 1: I Love Him to Pieces - Evonne Tsang My Boyfriend is a Monster #1: I Love Him to Pieces is short, sweet, and adorable. Not words that usually describe a zombie story in any media, but this is more of a light-hearted zombie romantic comedy than any sort of hardcore horror or action movie, and despite my expectations, I was perfectly okay with that. This book is charming from start to finish, with a great balance of likable characters and snappy, amusing dialog.

The premise isn't anything too complex - Dicey Bell and Jack Chen are polar opposites paired together to for the dreaded high-school Egg Parenting Project (do they actually still do that anymore)? Dicey is a "jock" (baseball) and Jack is a nerd, but the two give convention the middle finger and get along almost from the start. They eventually fall in love and end up taking on the zombie apocalypse together.

The story actually takes a while to get going, spending a rather surprisingly lengthy amount of time exploring Dicey and Jack's individual lives (friends, families, and hobbies), and their progression as friends throughout the egg project. We're on page 54 before they start carting in any of the flesh-eating undead, but I was okay with this, too. Nearly every character in the book is ridiculously easy-going, cheerful, friendly, and cutely funny, and everyone gets along so damn well that it's difficult to regret an extra thirty pages or so of time with them. Besides, this way you get to give more of a shit about the characters when the flesh-eaters do show up. I was even mildly concerned about Dicey's teammates and Jack's nerd buds. Seriously, how often in any zombie flick do you give a shit about like ten of the side characters...

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