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Fragile Eternity  - Melissa Marr So, we feel that we should start this out by saying that either this book should not have existed, or the out come better be damn good, because it kind of ruined our Ink Exchange buzz.

And how did it do this, you ask? Well, by having every single character become an asshole. Fragile Eternity is all about the messy consequences of what we believed in Wicked Lovely to be a happy ending, and it's a huge buzzkill.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. We're going to start by talking about Seth, since he seems to be the main character this go 'round.

We really feel like Seth got the least out of the arrangement between Aislinn and Keenan. In fact, he kinda got shafted there. We understand that everyone lost something, but at least they got something in return. Aislinn got immortality, Keenan got his power, and even Donia got the Winter throne. Seth didn't benefit at all. He lost his girlfriend, and in more ways that one. She's no longer human, and as a fairy is stronger than him, which bothers him because he can't protect her. In fact, he's the one who has to be protected. But worse, he has to vie for her attention, time, and affection with Keenan.

Poor Seth has become Aislinn's stay at home wife. He really doesn't have anything in his life except for her. Plus, his only other friend is Niall, so basically his life revolves around the fey world. Frustrated by his help- and uselessness, Seth decides that his only course of action is to find a way to become a fey. Unfortunately this totally fucks up the plan Keenan has settled on: to wait out Seth's mortal life and claim Aislinn's love at the end of it.

Though Wicked Lovely made it seem as though Keenan was satisfied with their arrangement because it allowed him the freedom to be with his love, Donia, in Fragile Eternity we learn that he is much more resentful of it than we realized...

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