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The Demon Trapper's Daughter  - Jana Oliver First of all, we're calling FALSE ADVERTISING. The back-of-the-book summary implies a much more goal-oriented, intriguing, and structured plot than we actually get here. We are told in the first sentence of said summary that Lucifer has plans for our heroine Riley, but 340 pages in and we still have no idea what that is, and by the way, that's the end of the book. It hints at major plot developments and evil plans and nefarious purposes, but until we get to the first organized raid on Riley and her allies, it doesn't feel like the story actually begins. Unfortunately, that attack doesn't occur until forty pages from the end of the book.

What we get for the other 304 pages is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, then finally...stuff.

The vast majority of Demon Tracker's Daughter is devoted to set-up and world-building, and while the author succeeds in creating a rather unique - to YA literature - atmosphere, the pacing and plot suffer for it. Sure, a lot happens in the first three hundred or so pages, but very little of it amounts to anything. Only two of the many threads that show up here - Riley's father's death and the holy water conspiracy...ah, more on that later - get any resolution at all, and we'll be honest, we're not sure how absolutely necessary it was to devote so much time to them...

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