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A leopardess who learned how to dance. And read.
Death's Sweet Embrace - Tracey O'Hara Maybe it's the change of venue and focus that makes the world more bearable for me. While Night's Cold Kiss followed the sworn-enemies-team-up-and-fall-in-love formula, Death's Sweet Embrace makes the investigation a team effort, and our heroine's primary agenda shifts from falling in love to getting to know the teenage daughters she's never met. And also falling for their father again, but that's less important here.

Our heroine this go 'round is Kitt - short for Kathryn - Jordan (oh, Kitty, how appropriate), a snow leopard Animalian and forensic pathologist who was briefly featured in Night's Cold Kiss as the city's chief medical examiner, and sister to Oberon's partner, Dylan, who was killed protecting Antoinette. Anyway, she's just been recruited to lecture at the NYAPS - a parahuman college - and join the crack team of parahuman crime investigators that Oberon talked about forming in the end of the previous novel.

She's also there to get to know her daughters, who are attending the Academy themselves. This is kind of a huge deal plot-wise, and we spend a lot of time taking about the circumstances under which they were conceived, why she gave them up, why they're now back in her life, and what she's going to do about it. The answer to each of those questions has a lot to do with her family...

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