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Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber Yeah, I didn't have high hopes for this one. I thought maybe there was a chance that Ellen Schreiber had grown as a writer in the time that has passed since the dismal Vampire Kisses, but it was a long shot. And yeah, no surprise: Once in a Full Moon is absolutely terrible.

Warning: This review will contain SPOILERS, if you can call them that, because - SPOILER - nothing actually happens. Still, we're going to save you the trouble of reading this and explain the "plot" here, because it is honestly and truly not worth your time.

I don't say "absolutely terrible" lightly - we read mediocre books all the time, stupid ones quite frequently, and offensive ones here and there. Still, any one of those would be infinitely more readable than Once in a Full Moon. It is quite possibly the most terribly-written thing I've read since I skimmed the first few chapters of My Immortal.

I don't say this lightly either, because I know how it sounds, I really do, but Christ, we could write better shit than this. I've ranted about this before, but I honestly cannot comprehend how a book this terribly written could get published. I'm not joking, lying, or exaggerating when I say the writing is on the level of an elementary school project. There is page after page after page of telling, so much so that the book reads like a sort of simplistic list of events ("I went here, I did this"), with brief statements in between to let us know how everyone feels.

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