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Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs Right off the bat, we get off on the wrong foot in this book. In the very first chapter, Mercy's movie night with her man-girlfriends Warren and Kyle is disrupted when Warren decides to take a time out and guilt trip Mercy. He tells Mercy that it's only a matter of time before Sam and Adam totally LOSE CONTROL and FIGHT TO THE DEATH for Mercy's hand, and that they have 'given her a lot of leeway' in not forcing her to choose already (excuse me, that's allowing her leeway? as opposed to what, just taking her against her will or telling her to fuck off? big loss). So anyway, if she doesn't hurry up and pick one, and they kill each other over her, it will be ALL HER FAULT.

WELL, MERCY, YOU BITCH. GOD FORBID YOU TRY TO DATE, GET TO KNOW SOMEONE BETTER, AND EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS BEFORE DECIDING TO MATE FOR LIFE! This is another good example of the book placing all the blame on Mercy for the decisions other people make. Sam and Adam are grown men who should be capable of controlling their own actions; Mercy shouldn't bear the responsibility for keeping them from losing it, nor should she be pressured into making a decision because of that. This isn't the only guilt trip that Mercy has to endure, but we'll get to that in a second...

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