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Eternal - Cynthia Leitich Smith Characters: Miranda is actually an interesting character, in that she's flawed, distant, somewhat prissy, and very complex. In the first few chapters, you see Miranda as a normal teenage girl - you hear about her issues with her parents, school, friends, and she expressed her emotions openly, in a way that you can actually relate to. But after she is taken by the vampire King, the writing style changes, and the Miranda you read about from then on is very distant and suppresses her feelings from herself, and thus the reader. You don't get any internal angsty monologues about how much her life sucks, she just acts in ways that convey her feelings. We like this. We *really* like this. After twenty-some-odd books of teenage girls or centuries-old-vampires whining about how sad they are and how alone they are or how evil they are, while they may or may not actually do something about it, it's nice to have someone who doesn't waste her breath bitching, and instead takes action to demonstrate and correct the things she doesn't like about her life. It tells you more about the character and her strength without actually literally telling you anything, and that says volumes about the author's ability to write...

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