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Evermore - Alyson Noel Characters: Yeah, so...this isn't going to go well. For starters, as a heroine, (the ridiculously-named) Ever Bloom is depressing. She's whiny, sullen, anti-social, selfish, insecure, angsty, and burdened with a full-on guilt complex. Reading an entire book from her point of view is extremely depressing (and reading it while it's raining? TEN TIMES WORSE!), because the girl finds no joy in anything. Some of this is understandable, given Ever has just lost her entire family, but her post-loss life isn't horrible; she has a teenage wonderland room in LAGUNA FRICKIN' BEACH CALIFORNIA, an aunt who would spoil her if she would allow her to, a gorgeous car, and even (relatively) decent friends, despite her pissy attitude, and yet none of it seems to make her happy...

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