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Like Clockwork

Like Clockwork - Bonnie Dee Perhaps I should start paying more attention to these books' stats, because again, I was surprised by the page count. Like Clockwork is a scant 95 pages, and...well, fuck, you know what 95 pages means in a romance novel, right? Ding ding ding, you're correct: Instant and Inexplicable Attraction! Our primary couple's initial meeting involves the hero knocking out the heroine so that he can kidnap her, and almost immediately getting a stiffy as he makes off with her unconscious body. No lie. She's just so hot unconscious! Our heroine responds by waking and dispensing with the whole "anger" formality pretty quickly. They're soon bantering and trading life stories and confiding in and emotionally supporting one another because...the kidnapping was for a noble cause, okay. God.

Seriously though, I mean, I understand people can be instantly physically attracted to each other, but call me skeptical for thinking that they can form life-long bonds over the course of like three encounters. Or form instant emotional attachments to people who, say, have just kidnapped them. But this is me, beating the dead horse that is romance relationship development, and really, how many reviews can I do that on? It's a romance novel romance, she's attracted immediately despite the fact that he kidnapped her, he's attracted despite the fact that, helped create the automatons he despises? Yeah, that's it. Also, they are from different classes and this is Ye Olde England, man, and that is a big deal. Moving on.

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