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Hunger Aroused (Vampire Hunger #1)

Hunger Aroused (Vampire Hunger #1) - Dee Carney To be fair, while Hunger Aroused's story is pretty much your basic hardcore romance set in bland Generic Vampire World A, it's also one of the least crazy/thinly-veiled excuses for stringing together sex scenes that I've read so far. Granted, my experience with 'erotica' is limited to four books, but hey, I've still read dumber. Then again, if we're to judge erotica on different standards, perhaps this book's restraint and blandness doesn't work in its favor? I mean, where a story about a reformed vengeance demon whose split personalities must be integrated into one healthy persona by her two bisexual werecat lovers via sex might be a laughable concept for paranormal romance novel, as paranormal erotica, it's...well, still laughable, but at least serves its purpose in providing a wide range of diverse and pretty wild sexual encounters.

Hunger Aroused, on the other hand, is more restrained with its storyline, characters, and setting, but suffers from, again, serious blandness and a distinct lack of variety. Of sex, in case that wasn't clear. The most extreme our two leads get is sex on an open street at like 3 a.m. (sex with a stranger notwithstanding, since that seems to be an erotica must). That's pretty kinky in the real world, but after reading about demon-werecat threesomes and wingering (angels - think about it. And no, I'm not kidding), it's almost quaint. I'm not saying you have to involve other parties or species or anything, but when the Sookie Stackhouse series has hotter sex scenes than your erotica novel, perhaps you should rethink your genre...

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