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Dark and Disorderly

Dark and Disorderly - Bernita Harris Dark and Disorderly is another digital review copy we got from netGalley, which I picked up in a concentrated effort to read something not written for teenagers. It was published by Carina Press, which is a branch of Harlequin that exclusively publishes e-books, so I guess that's about as far away from YA as you can get. I'll be honest, it took me a while to get into this book, and I'm pretty sure positive it wasn't the lack of teenage protagonists...

Ok, I'm gonna say this now and get it out of my system: my biggest issue with this book was the love interest. What a great big condescending overbearing wishy-washy douchebag. I absolutely could not get into the romance aspect of this book, and Sgt. Johnny Thresher is the reason why.

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